A Brand New First 5 Riverside Website

We are excited to announce the launch of our fully redesigned website!

As part of our continued effort to serve the families and communities of Riverside County, the Riverside County Children & Families Commission contracted Butler Branding to conduct a complete overhaul of The First 5 Riverside website. Our primary goals included:

Update the design and content.

Changes in technology as well as changes in the services and programs available through First 5 and its partners demanded an update.

Enhance the user experience.

Due to the wide range of services offered as well as the diversity of people visiting the First 5 Riverside website, it is a hub for an abundance of content. We wanted to simplify the navigation, making it as easy as possible for each user to find the content they’re looking for in as little steps as possible. The updated website now features a simple, visual navigation and responsive design for visitors viewing the site on their mobile device.

Improve our communication.

With the wealth of services, resources and events serving children (and families of children) under 5, we wanted to take advantage of new technology integrated across multiple platforms to communicate what’s available as effectively as possible. The new website features social media and email communications integration, an updated event calendar, a community “Updates” section and an “ESPAÑOL” version of the website for our Spanish Speaking community.

This website redesign is just the first step in our continued effort to increase the effectiveness of communicating to our communities. You can expect frequent updates across multiple platforms, including our website, social media, email and more.

We hope you like the new design, and we would love to hear your feedback.

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